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Our latest seminar:
Future Oriented Career Development

Do you know the answers to these key organizational questions?

  1.   What are the factors that influence our career choices?
  2.   How can I find out what am I best at?
  3.   What is the best learning environment?
  4.   What is the most important function of my supervisor?
  5.   How do I recognize if my manager is a strong leader?
  6.   How can we find a compass when there's no clear direction?
  7.   What is the number one cause of delay in technical work?
  8.   How do I know when I have enough data?
  9.   What are the major sources of conflict in an organization?
10.   What is the most important thing to know about conflicts?
11.   What should I do, and avoid, when entering a new organization?
12.   What is the number one impediment to communication?
13.   How do we deal with a crisis?
14.   What are the key practices for successful collaboration?
15.   How do we accentuate the positive in all our work activities?

These and other fascinating topics are explored in Steve Flannagan's exciting discussion seminar Future Oriented Career Development. Provide your staff members with a refreshing look at just how our careers progress, and how to get the most out of our daily activities.

Build a great organization:

Guidance and Mentoring for Individuals and Teams

Call on Steve for highly effective mentoring in technical activities as well as organization of small working teams. He can work within your environment for a specified period of time, coaching, helping with technical analysis, planning, making group meetings more effective, motivating and guiding individuals in communication and teamwork. Steve provides individualized attention where needed, and follows the philosophy of continuous nourishment of the aspirations of each person.

With nearly 30 years experience in the electronics industry and academia, Steve provides valuable training and coaching in areas such as:

  • Aligning Professional Performance with Business Objectives
  • Inspire Co-operation and Respect
  • Get Recognition from your Superiors and Co-Workers
  • Teamwork
  • Dealing with other Departments and Groups
  • Working in Special Circumstances and Changing Conditions

  Develop Executive Talent:
Counsel, Assistance and Advice for Managers and Directors

Steve can help with strategy planning, especially when technical decisions and choices must be made that take into consideration the success of your business. Steve has a long history of commitment to the overall success of an enterprise, and can often make technical observations behind the scenes to help you explore all possible facets of your business choices.

Management of a team of persons, whether large or small, requires a good sensitivity and trust to steer a course that will get you where you want to go.

 Promote Technical Co-operation:
Seminars and Discussion Groups for Advancement

A series of talks and discussion groups focused on methods to help your employees maximize their potential by renewing their teamwork ideals. Begins with business goals, introduces technical priorities and management methods, and explores dynamics of respect and integrity for individuals and groups. These seminars can be tailored to the specific needs of your department.

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