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Stephen T. Flannagan's
Flannagan IC Technical Services and Consulting, Inc.

Providing advice and assistance in the following activities:

1. Improved Design Planning

Advance your products in a logical progression, with the right design, on the right technology, at the right time. Track the learning-curve of the industry, and target each successive design to be ahead of that curve at introduction. Let us help improve the methods of chip floorplanning, and foster good coordination among different parts of the chip.

2. Get IC's into Production Earlier

Maximize profits with shorter chip development cycles. Our proven track record maximizes your benefit from each design cycle. Speed-up your Chip De-bug activities and find the cause of circuit-level problems, unusual behaviors and sensitivities. Describe tests that reveal the origin, and examine the resulting data, to improve coordination between Testing and Design.

3. Specialized circuits, On-Chip Power, and Embedded Memory

Today’s complex chips may include such special circuits as synchronizers, charge-pumps, regulators, on-chip power estimation and distribution, redundancy, laser or electrical fuses, special input circuits and output impedance control. Let us help with difficult circuit interactions, to achieve wider immunity to variations in conditions. Embedded RAM design should be optimized for your application (can be for high speed, low power, area density, etc.)

4. Publications, Specifications and Documents

We have written and analyzed IC specifications, journal publications, conference presentations, and documents. Let us help with your publications work, by doing research, or by working with your attorneys on various duties regarding patents.

5. Team-Building for your Future

A well-executed project gives benefits far beyond the immediate product introduction. It provides an opportunity to reinforce a culture of technical respect and professionalism among the teams. The goal is to set a standard of quality for the future. We can provide advice and encouragement in training, teambuilding and mentoring for your technical and managerial staff.

6. Seminars and Training

We can help with training in circuit design style, analysis strategies, and career development ideas. The preferred style for seminars emphasizes participation, with ample opportunity for discussion of real-world problems in everyday technical work. Custom seminars and discussion groups can be planned to match your particular needs.

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