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The Unifying Effects of Teamwork
An essay about Leadership and Professionalism

by Steve Flannagan

1.  A History of Technical Excellence

      These are the beneficial effects of good professionalism. There are teams that have achieved spectacular technical and business successes. Were surrounded by satisfied customers, enthusiastic staff, and happy executives. And groups of people have formed vibrant, cohesive teams that are supportive of each other.

2.  Essential Techniques

      It's always important to strive for the best performance in technical matters. But the most significant attribute of a successful team is their professionalism and mutual respect. Good communication and positive relationships with people are always the foundation of our technical success.

3.  Leadership with Integrity

      A good leader with a methodical and honest personality will be a highly beneficial influence in a work environment. In difficult times, you want an experienced person you can trust for responsible, reliable direction. For example, a good organizer should promote accord and understanding between the technical teams and the management staff, carefully speaking positively of each group in the presence of the other.

4.  Simplify Communications and Get Everyone Involved

      A group meeting should be like a breath of fresh air. The most productive meetings are actually short ones, in which each participant has a valuable contribution. The goal is always to keep people motivated and enthusiastic about their own future.

5.  Personal Respect and Individualized Attention

      People should immediately sense that you have respect for them. Its important to provide patient, individualized attention to each person, no matter what rank they hold in an organization. A good leader genuinely cares about everyone's personal and professional aspirations, regardless of their particular circumstances or background.

6.  Look Beyond Your Current Project

      Our teams have set a world-class standard for professionalism and teamwork in the industry. By expert leadership, we have created successful projects, but more importantly we have established revitalized working teams that can continue to build on past successes and guide their organization toward the future.

About the author:

Steve Flannagan is a highly respected electronics professional and consultant. He is widely recognized for promoting teamwork and for training and mentoring some of the finest technical professionals in the world. His consulting firm is the publisher of Steve Flannagan's IC Design Journal. More information is available at this web site.

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