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Quotes and Testimonials
for Steve Flannagan
Teamwork in Customer Presentations:

      “Thank you very much for your significant contribution to customer presentations. Steve Flannagan (and his colleagues) also deserve plaudits for their support. Steve and Paul have repeatedly made time, despite their tight schedules, to build customer interest and confidence... The obvious respect the designers have for one another is also communicated to our visitors.
Betty Jean Singleton,
Marketing Specialist
Letter of Dec. 11, 1985

Mentoring and Teamwork:

      “Steve, Thank you so much for all you've done for me at Motorola. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with you and learn from you.”
Todd Haverkos,
Letter of Dec. 20, 1996

      “Steve, I wish you the best... You are great to work with!   - Shayan”
Shayan Zhang, PhD
Written note, December 1998

Letters of Recommendation:
Letter of Recommendation
by Bill Martino
Dear Sir or Madam:

It is a pleasure to recommend Steve Flannagan as a consultant/contractor for your technical problem solving team. I have known Steve since he joined Motorola in 1983. Steve’s leadership and technical abilities were a major reason that Motorola was able to become the foremost company in Fast Static RAMs. Steve was able to attract top quality talent to our group, guide the career development of the many people reporting to him, and able to form a cohesive, productive team structure. At a time of significant employee expansion, Steve initiated a dialog with the staffing department leading to a good understanding on the part of the staffing team of the specific skills potential memory designers should possess. As a result, recruiting efficiency improved and the strongest group of new graduates I have had the pleasure of working with joined the department over a several year span.

Steve’s own grasp of circuit design fundamentals, especially with regard to memory design, is the best of anyone I know. The leadership SRAM products for which Motorola was known in the 1980s and 1990s came either from Steve’s team directly, or were derived from one of their designs. Steve also has a master’s grasp of the design process, and a good understanding of component contribution to system behavior and performance. These strengths enable him to contribute from high levels, such as, setting useful target specifications for a new design, down to identifying the root cause of problems in a debug situation – be they design, layout, or process issues. These strengths have led to many patents and publications by Steve advancing public knowledge of memory design in particular, as well as improved understanding of more general topics, such as, arbitration principals. Also, he published for internal consumption tutorials of design steps for key circuit components, such as, input buffers and sense-amplifiers.

In the years Steve and I worked together in the same department he took a keen interest in assuring the members of his team understood fundamental design concepts. He worked with them individually, as needed, and as a team. He paid particular attention to instituting methods and processes to achieve success. At the same time he made sure the underlying principals were understood, so that team members’ knowledge went beyond simply knowing cookbook steps needed to run a particular tool in a certain way.

Steve is a true leader and would be a valuable asset to your organization.

If you have any questions please contact me.


Bill Martino
MRAM Design Manager
Freescale Semiconductor
March 26, 2006

Letter of Recommendation
by Todd Haverkos

I worked directly for Steve at Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector in the Fast Static RAM division. His design leadership was esteemed as extremely influential in the Division's success, and a significant contribution to that division becoming the #1 FSRAM supplier in the world at the time.

Steve was named a Dan Noble Fellow by the CEO during his tenure at Motorola, which is the highest honor any engineer could garner in the company. His photo is in the Motorola annual report for that year, if memory serves. Steve's patent contributions also speak volumes about the level of innovation he can bring to a company.

Working directly for him as a junior designer at the time, I've to this day never seen someone who can start with a blank piece of paper, throw down transistor level designs, and think out loud "seeing" current and voltage as he does. It was quite a wonder to see.

Steve's reputation as an extremely intelligent and thorough technical leader was widely held, and designs he led were known for being high performance and robust. His architecture judgement was uncanny. He has a great ability to see trends, and apply past experiences prudently to constantly-changing, state-of-the-art fabrication processes. In the full-custom SRAM designs he was tasked with, the projects were nearly all with the latest and finest-pitch lithography available at the time, designing circuits and architectures for fab processes that were themselves still in flux. His breadth and depth of technical experience seemed to guide his intuition with great aplomb.

While there were design leaders whose work caused management to hold their breath when first samples came back from the fab, Steve was definitely NOT one of them. Technical confidence was always high in designs Steve led.

Todd Haverkos
Internet Posting
August 27, 2009

Chairing an ISSCC Discussion Panel:

      “Steve... For the record, I think you did a great job as organizer and moderator. You kept us well informed at every step of the way, and you made sure we were timely with our material. It was a pleasure meeting you and working with you. Thanks for all of your effort.
Evan Davidson,
Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM
Email Feb. 28, 1995

      “Steve, Thanks for your update on the reviews. I really appreciate how well you have always done these. You've always set a good example.
Email from Design Director,
Motorola FastStatics
Jan. 23, 1995

      “Steve continued to display his unique technical talents throughout the design of the 8 Meg product, and provided key mentoring of his staff such that their skill sets and leadership qualities continue to improve.”
FastStatics Performance Review
Mar. 4, 1999

      “Steve, It was a very enlightening meeting yesterday on design/process optimization. Thank you for your contribution and please keep forging ahead with your design innovation!! Thanks again!”
Roger Kung
Design Technical Staff Vice-President
Written note, Sept. 15, 1989
Named a Fellow at Motorola:

      “Steve Flannagan, a member of Motorola-Austin's Technical Staff in Memory Design, was recently granted the prestigious Dan Noble Fellow Award.”
      “It's great to be working on advanced designs,” Steve said, “but the most satisfaction comes from being part of a group that strives to be the best in the world. Our team members have been a success because of their technical excellence and their spirit of cooperation and professionalism.”
      “Congratulations, Steve. We're proud to have you on our team!
Motorola's MOS-TALK Magazine,
February, 1989 Issue

      “Dear Steve, I do want to congratulate you on your recent recognition as a Dan Noble Fellow. As you know, this recognition goes only to a few of our most innovative technologists. Your dedication and commitment to design excellence in FSRAMs has put Motorola into a leadership position. Please accept my congratulations for a job well done.”
Thomas D. George, Sr. VP & Asst GM
Motorola Semiconductor Products
Letter Feb. 20, 1989
Winning the IEEE Best Paper Award:

      “Stephen, Congratulations to you and your associates for the recognition you received for your paper. To be selected as the Best Paper published last year is indeed an honor recognizing both technical skills and communication skills. Please accept my thanks for your efforts and congratulations for a job well done.
Thomas D. George, Sr. VP & Asst GM
Motorola Semiconductor Products
Letter Jan. 8, 1988
Similar letters were also received from these Motorola Executives:
George Fisher, Jim George, Roger Kung, John Mitchell, Jim Norling, Bill Weisz.
Success of the 4-Meg Pipeline SRAM:

      “Steve Flannagan - Congratulations! To you & your team -
- Regards,
- Lou Parrillo

Written Note
August 5, 1994

      “To: Steve Flannagan & Team, WOW!!! GREAT JOB!!
Steve Fernandes,
Marketing Manager, Motorola FSRAMs
Written Note, Aug.1, 1994
For Support of Teamwork:

      “Dear Mr. Flannagan: We would like to express our appreciation to you, and to Motorola for giving us the opportunity to participate in the program... We request the honor of your presence at our 'graduation ceremony' to be held at the Airport Hilton in Austin, Texas. Your presence will be cherished by our guests as well as by ourselves.”
Letter signed by 29 participants
May 1, 1990

      “To Steve - A man of uncommon compassion, particularly for an engineer. Best Regards”
Mark Perlmutter
Noted Attorney and Author
Handwritten note, February 15, 2006
Science Advisory Board Associates:

      “Dear Steve, It is with great pleasure that I welcome you as a member of the Science Advisory Board Associates... Our congratulations are extended to you for having been selected to join this elite group of Motorola engineers.”
William Braun, Corporate VP and
Motorola Director of Research & Development
Letter Mar. 8, 1988

Teamwork Quotes
from Performance Appraisals

[1983] "Steve works jointly with others, resulting in a creative exchange and refinement of each other's ideas."

[1984] "Does design work in an interactive and participatory manner. Provides direct involvement and encouragement."

[1985] "Steve was willing to spend extra time providing for the needs of the team and department as a whole. He has assisted various groups in communicating and working smoothly together as a team."

[1986] "Steve's methods are strongly oriented toward design-for-manufacturability. This goal is greatly enhanced by his close communication with related groups, and he works and interfaces very well with other groups."

[1987] "Steve recognizes important design issues at an early stage in a project. His is clever and innovative in exploring design techniques, and is extremely well-organized in communication of technical issues with other teams and groups. He is very efficient in organizing the design team, and facilitates and motivates designers to achieve."

[1988] "Steve truly cares about the success of other people with whom he works. He is generous with his time, providing help and encouragement. He does early explorations, (and) points people in the right direction and allows them to discover the result for themselves. This is an important skill."

[1988] "He maintains extensive, regular communication with other groups... (and) involves the team directly in these deliberations so that all persons can advance in their professional ability and awareness."

[1988] Steve has a good rapport with people in general and has been instrumental in alleviating conflict. He is very professional, and is often helpful to others in expressing their technical views. All major objectives were achieved."

[1989] "Encourages others to take leadership responsibility. Has good persuasive techniques with other departments in dealing with technical issues, and has a good perception of strategies required for success."

[1989] "Is willing to devote much time and attention to understand people's needs and aspirations. Is a good listener, and gets the team motivated and moving in the right direction."

[1989] "Steve tends to be very accommodating in difficult situtaions and goes a long way toward promoting understanding and cooperation."

[1990] "Steve is a recognized expert in memory design as a result of technical contributions to a long sequence of leadership products. Is very well respected by the technical community and his own staff. Leads by example and is directly involved."

[1990] Has shown maturity and good judgement in organizational and teamwork issues. Devotes attention to encouraging team members and helping them to succeed. Is particularly good at writing detailed, thorough performance evaluations that were encouraging and well-received."

[1990] Shows an interest in the success of the entire Memory Division, and makes thought-provoking suggestions for improvement."

[1991] "Steve takes a direct interest in the success of his whole team, and takes the time to explore all technical details with the individuals working on them. He thoroughly understands product design, and applies good judgement in analyzing design choices for manufacturability. He has a genuine interest in the success of others, and has an excellent record of objective results. He organizes the duties for everyone, showing specific areas of inter-dependence, and is careful to allow free latitude in actual execution of these items. He explicitly encourages interaction and discussion."

[1993] Prompted communication between the two teams on characterizations. Charted the history of density and access speeds, to establish key technology/architecture inventions that permit improved access times at higher densities."

[1994] "Steve has been a truly beneficial participant in our technical community. . . He has assisted very willingly and cooperatively in our strategy for promoting teamwork and performance excellence in our group."

[1994] Steve is also very proficient in training of new team members and mentoring experienced persons in developing their careers, both technically and professionally." He is a valuable asset to the company."

[1996] "Excellent Team Design Execution Strategy. Steve is without a doubt one of the key contributors to the success of the FSRAM Division over the past 10 years and will certainly play a key role in the design, development and introduction of future products."

[1997] "Thorough documentation of necessary team activities. Identifies and explains interaction of technical issues, followed by individual discussions. Makes plans for future technology needs and integration among groups."

[1997] Demonstrated excellent documentation skills spanning all organizations. He and his team identified technical obstacles and focused resources on resolution. Played a key role in definition of the next generation products. Received the 1997 Patent of the Year award."

[1998] "Steve continued to display his unique technical talents throughout the design of the 8M product and provided key mentoring of this staff such that their skill sets, and leadership qualities continue to improve."

[1999] "Involved the design team in all phases of planning and execution. Identified members of the broader team as leaders and organized mini-teams with regular weekly progress tracking. Participated successfully in cross-functional planning for the 16Meg and plans for the embedded (memory)."

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